Conditions of Purchase

The following conditions regulate the purchase contracts made between Polemo SL and its customers, from the order and payment process to the effective delivery of the products, including the recognition and procedure for the attention of the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

The use of the e-commerce platform managed by Polemo SL under the trademark name Polemo Shop® hosted on the domain Polemo Shop®. Polemo Shop® for the commercial offer and processing of purchase and sales contracts, requires the express acceptance of these general conditions for the processing of purchase and payment orders and for the registration of customer accounts.

Therefore, persons who intend to make use of their functions to acquire the products offered must carefully read the contents of the headings in this section, without prejudice to the obligations and responsibilities of Polemo SL as a commercial supplier of goods to any Internet user.

Polemo SL is careful to keep the content of this section updated according to possible modifications and regulatory adaptations, which will always prevail in case of disparity, temporary or permanent, in favor of the user and client, who will have the right to demand the new conditions imposed by any regulatory change and to be informed of the repercussion they may have in relation to their current orders or rights derived from transactions carried out prior to such modifications.

Last reviewed/amended: June 11, 2021.

1. Vendor Identification

The following is the identification data of the seller, obliged and responsible in relation to the sales contracts, and applicable regulations, made through the virtual commerce platform installed on this website, including the administrator, and its location and means of contact:

Headline: Polemo SL

CIF: B87880241

Legal Address: Calle San Joaquín, 16 Local 4, 28004 Madrid (Spain)

Registrar details: Madrid Commercial Register: Volume 36.222, Folio 100, Register Page M650916, Entry 1

Fiscal Data: IAT heading: 651.2 - Retail trade of all kinds of clothing and headwear

Phone: +34 910 267 996


Physical Store: Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo 2, 28004 Madrid (Spain) 

2. Scope of contracting

The general conditions of purchase apply to the purchase and sale operations and their legal derivations, prior and subsequent, of all the products offered and commercialized by Polemo SL through the domain accessible to adults and emancipated minors in Spanish and English worldwide.

The e-commerce platform used in the management of purchase orders and payment, and registration of customer accounts makes a record of the time and date on which the general conditions of purchase described in this section have been accepted in either case.

  1. Prices

The prices of each product are displayed on its data sheet and throughout the ordering process, including the corresponding amount of V.A.T. (Value Added Tax).

The shipping costs are shown to the customer in an equally broken down manner throughout the ordering process according to the shipping address indicated.

  1. Orders

The products displayed in the catalog offered through this website include a “shopping cart” function, which allows the selection of items cumulatively for ordering and payment in the same or another session.

If the user is registered with a customer account in the system, the data corresponding to the selected product(s) are added to the database, allowing for verification, ordering and payment at any time thereafter.

The ordering process to complete the purchase contract between Polemo SL and the customer begins by clicking on the “Start Order” button, which takes the buyer to a screen that displays the items below:

  1. Billing Information
  2. Shipping Address
  3. Order Details
  4. Payment Options

Requirement of acceptance of Legal Terms, General Conditions of Purchase and Privacy Policy respectively.

Once the information has been added and the corresponding selections have been made, the purchase process is initiated by clicking on the “Checkout and Pay” button, which takes the user to the payment page, with the information below:

  1. Order Number
  2. Date
  3. Amount
  4. Method of Payment

Showing two buttons, which allow you to proceed with the payment or cancel the order respectively.

  1. Payment

The payment must be made at the end of the purchase process, by finalizing it.

Polemo SL accepts payments by VISA, MasterCard and American Express debit and credit cards through the platforms managed by PayPal and Redsys (through CaixaBank), which must be made only by persons of legal age.

Polemo SL does not accept payments made after the shipment of the order or deferred payments, such as cash on delivery, money orders or payments in physical stores against the delivery of the ordered products.

Once the process is completed, the customer will be able to consult the amount paid through the selected payment method, together with the rest of the contractual information corresponding to the purchase-sale made, in his order history available in his customer account on the website, as well as in the information sent by e-mail to his mailbox, and in paper format attached to the product sent to his shipping address or delivered to the physical store.

  1. Purchase Receipt and Invoicing

Once the purchase process is completed, the customer will receive an electronic message including the following elements:

  1. Complete information on the purchase agreement and payment made
  2. Copy of these general conditions of purchase, with indication of their acceptance by the buyer at the time of completing the transaction.
  3. Commercial warranty.
  4. Invoice corresponding to the contracting made.

In addition, the shipment of the product to the address indicated by the customer for this purpose will be accompanied by a paper copy of the invoice and commercial guarantee corresponding to the operation.

  1. Delivery

Polemo SL uses a transport service for the delivery of the products purchased by its customers through its website, in addition to the possibility of collecting the product in the physical store.

In both cases, the delivery of the product shall be accompanied by a paper copy of the invoice and commercial guarantee corresponding to the purchase-sale.

Delivery Service.

Delivery time and cost will vary depending on the shipping address selected during the order and payment process.


  1. Cost: 5 euros (VAT included)
  2. Delivery time: 72 hours


  1. Cost: 15 euros (VAT included)
  2. Delivery time: 10 working days

Rest of the world

  1. Cost: 30 euros (VAT included)
  2. Delivery time: 10 working days

Delivery is made by means of the transport services contracted with Envialia and FedEx, although it may be modified according to availability criteria.

This is without prejudice to the possibility of obtaining information on the status of each order through our Customer Service and After Sales channels.

Store Pickup.

During the purchase process, the customer can select the store pick-up option, which will allow him, at his convenience, to receive the delivery of the purchased and paid product in our physical store located at:

Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 2 28004 Madrid (Spain)

  1. Right of Withdrawal

The right of withdrawal allows the customer to return the product with full reimbursement of the payment paid within 14 calendar days of receipt without justification and free of charge.

The customer shall only be liable for any diminished value of the products resulting from any handling of the products other than that necessary to establish their nature, characteristics or functioning. And in no case shall he be liable for the diminished value of the goods if the entrepreneur has not informed him of his right of withdrawal.

Polemo SL will refund the amount received by the same means used for the payment of the product, excluding the shipping costs which will be covered by the customer, without any delay and always before 14 calendar days from the notification of the withdrawal decision.

However, Polemo SL reserves the right to withhold reimbursement until receipt of the product(s), or until receipt of proof of return, such as a transport service delivery note, depending on which condition is met first.

In turn, the customer must return or deliver the products received to Polemo SL or to a person authorized to receive them, without undue delay within 14 calendar days from the date on which it communicates its decision to withdraw from the contract to Polemo SL.

The customer may also choose a means of delivery other than the least expensive mode of ordinary delivery, in which case Polemo SL shall not be obliged to reimburse its costs.

The impossibility of returning the product by the customer due to loss, destruction or any other cause shall not deprive the customer of the possibility of exercising the right of withdrawal. In these cases, when the impossibility of return is attributable to him, the customer shall be liable for the market value that would have had the product at the time of the exercise of the right of withdrawal, unless such value is higher than the purchase price, in which case it shall be liable for the latter.

Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 2 28004 Madrid (Spain)


To exercise this right, the customer may make any other unequivocal statement indicating his decision to withdraw from the contract, in which case Polemo SL will promptly communicate to him the acknowledgement of receipt of the communication of his decision to withdraw in electronic format and on paper by post.

Both the withdrawal form and the notification of the decision to withdraw from the contract can be communicated to Polemo SL through any of the following means:

Phone: +34 910 267 996


Postal mail: Calle San Joaquín, 16 Local 4, 28004 Madrid (Spain)

9. Product Availability

In the event of any incident in the supply or availability of products in stock that prevents the fulfillment of an order, Polemo SL will proceed to inform the customer of the incident and refund the amount paid for the unavailable product without delay, and always before the expiration of 14 calendar days after the order, by the same means of payment used by the customer for payment. 

  1. Warranty

Polemo SL fully recognizes the right of its customers and consumers to be sure of the nature, characteristics, conditions and usefulness or purpose of the products purchased; to claim effectively in case of error, defect or deterioration; to make effective the guarantees of quality or level of service offered, and to obtain the refund of the full amount paid in case of non-compliance or defective performance.

Therefore, Polemo SL recognizes the right of warranty with respect to all products included in its offer, assuming the commitment to refund the price paid or replace the delivered product in case of non-compliance with its obligations with respect to the guarantee of conformity.

Guarantee of Conformity.

Polemo SL undertakes to guarantee the conformity of the products in its commercial offer, taking great care to ensure the exact match between the product offered, advertised and labeled, and the product contracted and delivered, in terms of:

  1. Description, type, quantity and quality, durability and functionality for which they are normally intended or which the customer may reasonably expect given their nature.
  2. Suitability for the specific purposes for which the customer needs them expressed in a particular way at the time of the conclusion of the contract, and for which Polemo SL has expressed its acceptance.

Polemo SL is responsible in the event of lack of conformity of the products delivered by the simple declaration in such a sense by the customer demanding the replacement of the product received or the resolution of the contract, with return of the product and reimbursement of the full amount paid in either case.

Warranty Statement.

Polemo SL will deliver a warranty statement to the customer, both in electronic format at the end of the purchase process and in paper format together with the product to be delivered, in Spanish (and English) according to the language used by the customer in the purchase process, which will include in any case the information below:

  1. Precise statement of your right to corrective measures by the seller, free of charge, in case of non-conformity of the delivered product(s), and that the warranty will not affect such measures.
  2. Free of charge shall include the necessary costs incurred to bring the product(s) into conformity, in particular delivery costs.
  3. The name and address of the guarantor (Polemo SL).
  4. The procedure to be followed by the customer to obtain the execution of the guarantee.
  5. The designation of the products to which the warranty applies.
  6. The conditions of the guarantee, among others, its term and territorial scope.

Non-conformity Complaint Procedures.

In the event of non-conformity with the product received, the customer may opt for the replacement of the product, or for the cancellation of the contract and return of the product.

10.1. Product Replacement

When the replacement of the good is necessary, the customer will make it available to Polemo SL, which will recover the replaced product without inconvenience and free of charge for the customer, paying the costs of collection and transport of the non-conforming product from the place of collection indicated by the customer, and the delivery of the replacement product.
The replacement will be carried out within a reasonable period of time from the moment Polemo SL has been informed by the customer of the lack of conformity, and always within 14 calendar days after receiving the notification.
In no event shall the customer be liable for any payments or costs for the normal use of the replaced goods during the period prior to their replacement.

10.2. Termination of the Contract

In the event of non-conformity of the product, the customer may exercise the right to terminate the contract by expressly declaring his decision to Polemo SL, which generates the reciprocal obligations below:

  1. Polemo SL will reimburse the customer the price paid for the product or products without undue delay and, in any case, within 14 calendar days after receipt of these or, where appropriate, of a proof provided by the customer that he has returned them, such as sending a receipt or transport service note.
  2. The customer shall return to Polemo SL, at its expense, the product or products received.
  3. Polemo SL will make the refund, without any additional charge, using the same means of payment used by the customer in the purchase process, unless otherwise expressly agreed between the parties, and provided that it does not involve an additional cost to the customer.

10.3. Deadline for Non-Conformity Manifestation

Polemo SL shall be liable for any lack of conformity that exists at the time of delivery of the product or that becomes apparent within three years of delivery.

In the absence of proof to the contrary, it shall be presumed that any lack of conformity which becomes apparent within three years of delivery of the product(s) already existed when the product was delivered, except where for the product(s) this presumption is incompatible with its nature or the nature of the lack of conformity.

For the accreditation of the delivery of the product, it is understood to have been made on the day that appears on the purchase invoice or on the corresponding delivery note if this is later.

In any case, Polemo S.L. will deliver to the customer who exercises his right to bring the product into conformity, either by replacement or termination of the contract, documentary justification of the provision of the product or products by the customer stating the date of delivery and the lack of conformity that originates the exercise of the right, as well as documentary justification of the delivery to the customer of the product already in conformity, stating the date of this delivery and the description of the corrective measure carried out.

11. Modification of Conditions

Polemo SL reserves the right to modify these general conditions of purchase at any time to adapt them to any change in the commercial offer available in its catalog, in its commercial sector or to modifications in the regulations applicable to any of the headings in this section.

In no case shall the changes that may be made affect the rights derived or that may derive from commercial transactions carried out prior to such modifications.

12. Customer Service and After Sales

Polemo SL guarantees personal attention before, during and after the purchase process and delivery of any product through its e-commerce platform.

Any inquiry and request for information about the products offered in its catalog or through advertising elements on the Internet will be answered and resolved within 24 hours of receipt, or immediately if made by telephone to our Customer Service and After Sales.

Likewise, any claim after the purchase of a product in exercise of the right of withdrawal or lack of conformity will be dealt with within 24 hours of receipt to initiate the process of return and refund under the conditions in section 10 of these general conditions of purchase.

Phone: +34 910 267 996


Postal mail: Calle San Joaquín, 16 Local 4, 28004 Madrid (Spain)


13. Claim Form

Polemo SL makes available to its customers and users a model complaint form to be filled out in relation to any claim or claim derived from its commercial offer and products accessible or already contracted through its e-commerce platform.

To request it, without giving any reason or justification, please contact our Customer Service and After-Sales Department at the above address.

The administrator of Polemo SL will return the claim form to the sender including his legal and contact identification according to the official model provided by the Community of Madrid accessible through the link below, which includes complete instructions for its processing.



14. Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution

Independently of the competence that corresponds to the ordinary courts to understand the possible disputes generated between Polemo SL and its customers in relation to the sale and purchase operations and delivery of products acquired through its e-commerce platform, there are consumer arbitration systems for the extrajudicial resolution of conflicts without special formalities and with binding and executive character for both parties, articulated by the Spanish and international regulations.

It is possible to resort to them for the resolution of any consumer dispute, as long as the dispute does not involve intoxication, injury or death or there are reasonable indications of a crime.

Below, we offer updated links to the platforms to urge a fast, economical, efficient and quality resolution of your disputes and claims against sellers, suppliers and providers of goods and services, such as Polemo SL.







The owner and administrator of Polemo SL offers its full collaboration for the resolution of conflicts through consumer arbitration.


15. Data Registration

The e-commerce platform installed on this website incorporates a data logging system that includes the history of orders and invoicing made during its operation.

This system offers the option – not mandatory – to create a customer account during the purchase process.

Persons who have purchased any product through our e-commerce system may request any details regarding the transaction, including invoices and shipping receipts, as well as request their correction or modification by contacting our Customer and After Sales Service.

Buyers who choose to register a customer account can access their customer history by username and password to make any checks or changes to data they deem necessary.

In any case, the processing of product purchase and sale transactions and their subsequent shipment to the purchasing customer, as well as the management of requests for information and claims for lack of conformity, involves the processing of personal data that must be handled in accordance with the requirements imposed by the applicable European and Spanish regulations.

For verification of any specialized aspect related to this issue, please refer to the Privacy Policy section of this website.

Last reviewed/amended: 1 April 2024.